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The Importance Of Growing Email Lists

When growing a business it’s important to have an easy way to get information about what you do. One way to get that message to your potential clients and customers is creating email lists to send out newsletters. Obtaining emails of current and potential clients should be one of the most important goals of your company’s marketing strategy.

Ways Emails Can Help Your Business Expand

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Email Marketing Has An ROI Of 3800%

Sending out emails regularly is a passive way to keep your clients engaged with your company. No one likes a constant in your face ‘hard sell’ and sending out an email allows people to make the decision to engage. You can send out special event announcements and reminders, launch a new product or promotion or feature a unique service.

Success stories sent in the email can also allow you to connect with your client on a more personal level. Sharing these stories shows customers how your product, mission or service can impact their business. It also can provide some legitimacy that what you are offering as a business works.

Email Lists Are Still Effective

With growth in social media outreach for businesses some say email marketing is somewhat archaic. However, an email is sent directly to each recipient while social media needs to be discovered by the user via their news feed.

Then there is the ROI on email marketing. According to an article, email marketing in 2018 had a return of 3800%, meaning for every dollar spent, the average $38! You won’t come close to that number with social media, in fact its closer to 400% or $4 on that same $1 investment.

Building the list the right way is imperative. Meaning do not pay for emails from companies selling them. They mostly consist of emails that are old or inactive and many will unsubscribe soon after being added.

At Limitless Horizons we can help you strategize on building an effective email list over time that will help increase your reach. Our plan will guide you through using the email marketing tools on the market to effectively get your message out to the masses.

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