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The Importance Of Sponsorships

Sponsorships are important

For non-profits, one of the most important steps you will need to take on the path to reaching your fundraising goal is: securing sponsorships with allies in the for-profit world. To achieve your mission, your organization would greatly benefit from contributions from key sponsors. Keep in mind a few of the reasons a business would sponsor you.

  1. Get brand awareness (To reach a new target audience)
  2. Increase sales of a product
  3. Reposition their brand (You may discover a unique opportunity to paint their brand in a different light)
  4. Block competition
  5. Social responsibility (A sponsorship could align their brand to a cause/mission their customers are passionate about)

Creating The Ask For Sponsorships

            Ask for what you want, but do not take a lot of your potential sponsor’s time doing so. Include: a story, your mission, benefits, describe demographics, create an advisory board and end with the ask. Many brands will tell you the reasons they sponsor events, is so the world knows they care about their fans and community. At Limitless Horizons, we care too! Together, we can create the ideal proposal, empathizing with your contributors, enhancing a valued sponsorship.

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