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Social Media – How Often to Post

Posting consistently on social media can be difficult for some businesses. Finding the time to post can create significantly more opportunities for customer acquisition and retention. The biggest question is how much is too much week to week? The answer is it depends on the social media platform. For this article we will focus on Facebook and Instagram.

Frequency on Facebook and Instagram

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Posting 1-2 times daily can significantly increase your reach!

These two are grouped together because they are very similar in terms of how often to post. A minimum of three times per week is a must, any less than that and your viewers won’t engage, mainly because you aren’t. For the average business account you can over post as well. The sweet spot seems to be 1-2 posts daily. With users spending an average of 58 minutes on Facebook daily, max 2 posts a day should allow them to view and engage in your post.

Remaining consistent is the key to showing your customers or potential customers that you are active and engaging in your industry. Use these posts as an opportunity to show that you are an expert in your field. Share your successes and related articles. Be social as well, add your take on articles you share or fun updates from your company.

Social Media – Timing of Posts

Timing of posts can also very important for engagement. Both Facebook and Instagram offer free analytics or insights. Keeping tabs on when your most popular posts are can help grow engagement for future posts. Scheduling posts for those times is also an option for both (more difficult for Instagram but still possible). This will allow you to focus for a few hours per week and not worry about Facebook and Instagram every day of the week.

The key is to remain consistent, carve our 1-2 hours per week to schedule your posts and you will see increase in engagements within a few months.

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