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Don’t Forget To Ask!!

So much planning goes into a successful fundraising event, whether it be an annual gala, golf outing, or other local community event. One piece to the planning should always be when the ‘Ask’ will occur.

What Is The ‘Ask’?

You Can Help

The ‘ask’ is simply the way to tell donors and participants at your events its time for them to contribute to your cause. One way is a straight ask, this is you speaking directly to an audience and looking for volunteers to raise their hands or bidder numbers and contribute that way. Another way, which is a more passive approach, is to have envelopes on the tables for people to put cash/checks into as donations.

However you decide to ‘ask’ just be sure that you do! Make sure you have a system that is easy and places some pressure on your participants to donate, that’s why they’re there!

Lead Up To The ‘Ask’

A way to ensure that your ‘ask’ is well timed and successful is to have a prelude outlining the impact your organization can provide. This can be a video/picture montage (be sure to use sappy music!) or a speaker. The speaker SHOUD NOT be someone who works for your organization, but a family or individual that was directly impacted by your efforts. Working for a non profit is a very noble profession, however the impact shown on families and individuals can create far greater impact!

After this prelude be sure to go right into your ‘ask’. It is imperative to keep the momentum from the speaker or video and ask right away!

The importance of an ‘ask’ is vital to the success of any fundraising event. Be sure to make it the most strategic part of your agenda, if you don’t ask for support, then you won’t get any!

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